My name is Gerhard, I'm a Senior Producer at WarnerMedia mainly for Cartoon Network with 15y+ experience, focussing on branding and short form content.
In those years I was fortunate I could work on a bunch of very different projects - from writing and directing comedy to producing multilanguage programme campaigns; from being a mentor to students to coming up with creative concepts for marketing, editorial short form and third party clients.

So -in short- my focus is the fun stuff ... kids, comedy, animated content.

Check out the projects above, I tried to collect the most significant work... (aaargh, choosing is so hard!) ... Apologies, if some of it is not available in English, as my home turf is Central and Eastern Europe. Actually, multi language production is some kind of my secret superpower.

As a former character animator I like to start with paper and pencil, do some scribbling and form an idea from a picture and a concept.

If you got any questions, drop me a line! Happy to hear from you!

cheers, gER

Contact Me

gerhard(at) | 0049 (0) 151 2272 8339